At Five Star Linemen Academy, we provide position-specific football training. We train Offensive Linemen, Linebackers, and we have a strong emphasis on Defensive Linemen training.  We teach and train Defensive Linemen how to master line of scrimmage play. We groom defensive linemen to be Trench Kings.


Our objective is to teach, train, and develop a defensive linemen to be able to attack or react in every possible situation at the line of scrimmage. We teach all the techniques by alignment first from '0' technique through the wide '9' technique. Defensive Line roles, rules and responsibilities are taught for each technique which is the foundation to be a successful and productive defensive linemen. Once that foundation is established, we progress to teaching and mastering the athletes stance.


We know at Five Star Linemen Academy that one of the keys to being a great defensive line is to master their stance. It starts in your stance. A great stance leads to productive steps. Fundamentally their are 2 stances that we teach which is the run stance and pass stance. However, their are a few type of run and pass stances we teach based on defensive linemen and the style of defense they play in and the role they play. We understand the importance of training defensive linemen individually but also training them within the role they play on the defense.


The next phase of training that we progress into, which is our most popular training, is the pass rush game. At the Academy we break down step by step how to defeat the OL on the pass rush. We break down highly effective pass rush moves such as the Speed Rush, Quick Swim, Sweep, Fork Lift, Bull, Spin and several Counters just to name a few. Every Five Star Linemen is trained knowing what, when, where, why and how to defeat the Quarter Back for another Quarter Back Sack. We teach all of our athletes the art of rushing the passer. 


San Jose/SF Bay Area & Las Vegas, NV
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