Learn how to defend the run using the Defensive Line drills in this video course on run defense. Stop any power run game by improving your Defensive Line moves through technique and fundamentals. Lets Go To Work!

One of the great keys to being a great pass rusher is to have active hands. Not only does a great pass rusher know how to have active hands but they know how to be precise at their points of attack. For a great pass rusher, there isn't a position they can't get out of and their isn't a position that they can't defeat the person that dares stand to before them.


The Hand Combat for Pass Rush Course has been put together with quality coaching that assures your progress to becoming a great pass rusher. This course has been designed to educate, demonstration and motivate the pass rusher on what, where, why and how their hands, hips and feet can work together to defeat an offense linemen. This amazing course entails martial art techniques, drills, and progressing pass rush moves that will progress you as a rusher.

Learn defensive line skills and American football basics with Coach Arpedge Rolle and Five Star Linemen Academy in these pass rush move tutorials.


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