The Throwers Academy is a program, that has proven to be one of the best shot put/discus training programs in the country. Every thrower that has been put through its intriguing, high level, and customized training has progressed in their performance. Coach Rolle's coaching style has resulted in one of the top throwers in the world, All-Time national high school performance lists recognition, CCS Throwers of the Year, San Jose Mercury News Athlete of the Year, as well as state winners and national meet winners. 
   The Throwers Academy program offers shot put and discus coaching in San Jose, CA with high training under consistent assessment. The first step in creating this effective and engaging program is to conduct a position specific assessment that will accurately identify areas of strength and areas needed for growth. This track and field training program is designed for youth (11+), Junior High, High School, Collegiate and Professional.


San Jose/SF Bay Area & Las Vegas, NV
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